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SMC - Video Sampler


“One of the best bands in Wisconsin!” Lazy Oaf Lounge

"Saturday Morning Cartel was an absolute hit at our wedding! They were very easy to work with and very professional. Our guests had a blast dancing and interacting with the band. No one wanted the music to end!" - Ashley L.


“Awesome show last night! Loved the variety of music and unique twist on the songs. Will definitely bring some friends and see you guys again.” – Riley

“One of the best lead singers I have ever heard.” Tim

“Guys, thanks big time for playing the Club Tavern Thursday night. You sounded outstanding!!!! A good turn out too.” – Joe

"We cannot thank SMC enough for making our wedding night epic! The entire night was beyond our wildest dreams, and you guys were fantastic. Your version of 'This Year's Love' was phenomenal. Thanks for everything! - Bob S.

“You are ALL wonderful musicians and have beautiful voices. Perfect song selections too!!” – Anna

“Best rock cover band I've seen in Madison!” Dustin

“So much fun last night, you guys rock!” – Cyndi

"The band was great! They played music that ALL of our wedding guests were able to enjoy, and kept everyone entertained and dancing for hours." - Courtney H.

“Can't tell you how much I enjoyed your band Saturday night - you guys definitely know what your audience wants to hear...what a song list!!! Can't wait to see you guys play again.” –Lisa

“Just wanna say, you guys put on one hell of a show!” – Jamie

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